On-Line Leak Repair

RAK Corrosion Control is a full-service leak repair company. Primarily, RAK repairs leaks primarily on gas and liquid piping, ductwork, and tanks in the integrated steel industry, oil refineries, and power industries.  These types of repairs can be made on any metal or plastic. RAK can stop the leaks on-line, avoiding costly downtime by keeping critical systems in operation.  After the leak is repaired, the substrate is prepared and wrapped with FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) to extend the service life and guarantee the leak is sealed.  This process was pioneered by RAKCC and is used extensively in heavy industry.

RAK also specializes in on-line steam repair leaks.  RAK utilizes a variety of clamps and sealants to repair these types of leaks.  RAK workers are DOT trained for repair steam leaks by PLIDCO, a leading manufacturer of these types of clamps.

RAK Corrosion Control has had repairs last 20+ years.

RAK also offers 24 HR EMERGENCY SERVICE to address your leaks quickly and avoid any safety or environmental concerns, which overall, will minimize your costs.