Composite Repairs

As an established on-line leak repair innovator, RAK utilizes various modern day composite systems to offer turnkey solutions to restore systems to their original design strengths all while avoiding costly downtime. RAK Industrial can evaluate complex composite repair requirements and provide insight and guidance on their suitability pertaining to specific customer schedules, budgets and life expectancy of the repair. If you’re currently experiencing corrosion or failure on any of the items/systems below RAK Industrial can provide you with options to avoid high replacement costs and minimize downtime to keep your systems running reliably and safely. If you think it can’t be fixed, we’re interested!

Our Experience:

  • Pipe internal and external lining
  • Tank Internal Reconstruction
  • Tank External Wraps
  • Stacks and Chimneys
  • Water Lines (process and potable)
  • Bag Houses
  • Gas Lines
  • Oxygen Lines
  • Oil Lines
  • Concentrated Acid Lines and Tanks
  • Structural Repairs
  • Concrete Repair
  • Extreme Abrasion

RAK has professional installers that are experienced; manufacturer trained and provides quality lining systems.