Abrasive Blasting Services

 RAK Corrosion Control Inc can perform abrasive blasting with many different types of blasting media to suit your needs. Abrasive blast can be used to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminates. RAK Corrosion Control Inc can also help you eliminate the high cost and liability of lead hazardous waste removal by using recyclable materials like steel grit. RAK Corrosion Control also has the ability to perform shop painting and blasting. Other removal services include vacuum power tools, Blast-Trac dustless blasting, hydro-blasting, soda blasting, wet abrasive blasting, chemical stripping and sponge blasting .As you can see RAK Corrosion Control can meet any of your abrasive blasting needs in any industry.

  • Austrailian GMA Garnite
  • Black Diamond Media
  • Corn Cob Media
  • Walnut Shell Media
  • Baking Soda Media
  • Plastic Media
  • Recycled Crushed Glass Media
  • Steel Grit /Shot Media
  • Pumice (soft wood removal) Media
  • Aluminum Oxide Media
  • Silicon Carbide Media (hardest blasting media available)
  • Garnet Media
  • Copper Slag Media
  • Nickel Slag Media
  • Ceramic Media
  • Chemical Stripers


Sandblasting Projects


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