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Corrosion Control Division of Atlas Industries was founded in 1972 by Clint Reph and Bill Baer. He started Corrosion Control as an industrial coatings and urethane foam insulation company. The company worked in the steel industry, power generation, water treatment industry and chemical processing industry. During this time, Corrosion Control developed a new technology of repairing leaks on chemical process piping, ducting and tanks. We first stop a leak and then reinforce it with fiberglass. This leak repair method grew primarily in the steel industry but also is used in all other areas we work. In 1985, Atlas Industries sold Corrosion Control to Clint Reph and it became RAK Corrosion Control, a new company with the same people and leadership. Guy Reph, Clint’s son started working for Corrosion Control in 1976 and now runs the company. Clint retired in 1991 and Guy took over the reins as president of the company. Guy and his wife Tari were one of the founders of Safety Controls Technology, a safety services and environmental technology company. Because of RAK Corrosion Control’s commitment to a very high level of safety in the industrial construction industry, we started the endeavor. RAKCC takes safety and quality very seriously. Because of growth and time constraints, Safety Controls was sold to the current ownership.


RAK Corrosion Control is a full service leak repair company. We repair leaks on gas and liquid piping, ductwork and tanks. The repairs can be made on any metal or plastic. After the leak is repaired, it is wrapped with FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) to extend the service life and guarantee that the leak is sealed. This process was pioneered by RAKCC and is used extensively in heavy industry.


RAK Corrosion Control is also a full service industrial painting and coatings company. We specialize in heavy duty coatings. We perform tank lining, secondary containment coating, industrial painting, lead abatement, acid proofing, industrial flooring, epoxy flooring, urethane foam insulation, spray applied fireproofing and fire stopping.

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We are available for Emergency Service 24 hours a day. If you reach voice mail, please leave a detailed message, we will get back to you ASAP.
Guy Reph, President 

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