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Welcome to RAKCorrosionControl.com. RAK is a full services industrial painting company ready to serve all of your corrosion prevention needs. We are expert applicators of specialty coatings for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Our Mission

RAK Corrosion Control is a contractor that specializes in on line leak repairs, specialty coatings, abrasive blasting,tank linings, roof coatings, secondary containment coatings, industrial coatings & flooring, cathodic protection, concrete repair, manufactured fiberglass & fiberglass repairs, fireproofing, corrosion mitigation and shop painting. RAK Corrosion Control can offer these services to many different types of facilities or plants, as well as any transportation infrastructure. Our goal is to be the best in our industry that we can possibly be.

As a quality applicator, we strive to provide our customers with value, as well as quality. RAK Corrosion Control takes pride in our workmanship and provides our customers with a safe, cost efficient and quality product. We have a commitment to the environment.

We will leave the ecology of our land the same as when we found it. We will strive to minimize waste and protect our environment. RAK Corrosion Control will continue to advise our customers as to the most cost effective way to protect their structures from corrosion, while keeping in mind the environment. We will commit to complete your project to your expectation, on time, on budget and while maintaining safety for your employees and ours.

Focus on Safety

RAK's goal is to have zero accidents with zero tolerance. Our commitment to safety is our number one objective. Each employee receives an updated safety manual when changes are made to our safety program or by OSHA. Construction safety is practiced by all employees from the management down. Management plays a vital role in safety for their employees, client’s employees and the public. A copy of our safety manual and EMR are available upon request.

RAK Corrosion Control Services

Some of RAK Corrosion Control Services
 Abbrasive blasting, cleaning and sealing of all kinds of tanks.
 Fiberglass  Repair of a tank
Industrial Painting
 RAK Corrosion Control are expert applicators of coatings and linings for the interior/ exterior of any kind of tank.



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We are available for Emergency Service 24 hours a day. If you reach voice mail, please leave a detailed message, we will get back to you ASAP.
Guy Reph, President 

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